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Global Logistics for customs clearance was established in 2008 to provide customs and logistic services in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. With our customers and suppliers, we have undoubtedly created longer and closer business connections. As we have an experienced workforce, we are able to provide prompt and dependable service.

Global Logistics for Customs Clearance, with a philosophy based on deep industry knowledge and interpersonal relationships, has built unparalleled networks. We have built a strong network of joint business partners around the world as a result of our ability to understand local markets.

Moreover, customer happiness is our number one priority, and we have received a lot of excellent feedback from customers over the years. An additional aspect may be providing clients with practical, real-time information on developments in market dynamics. Finally, through teamwork, development and a transparent work environment, we will be able to harness the creative energies of all our employees.

Global Logistics for Customs Clearance is a service-oriented organization involved in a variety of operations such as import, export, customs, warehouse logistics, transportation services, wholesale trade, etc. We have developed the best working connections with our customers and suppliers in order to not only provide fast and dependable service but also to consistently exceed expectations and goals.

With joint business partners worldwide, Global Logistics for Customs Clearance has created unparalleled network capabilities. Global Logistics' workforce is made up of individuals from different cultural and educational backgrounds. GL aims to reduce the impact of cultural differences while enhancing business opportunities for all parties involved.

Our freight division, known as FMM1, has been providing the best services in the region for many years. In addition, Global Logistics Movers is a packing and removal division that provides domestic and global moving services for personal and commercial property.